For skin Having a healthy white skin must be a desire of many women. So how many people are using this to sell dangerous beauty products. Dangerous beauty products offer whites quickly and instantly. Though the chemicals contained in the product can damage the skin cells can even cause skin cancer.

So, to avoid such an instant way you can use natural skin care ingredients only. Natural skin care ingredients that you can useis aloe vera. Aloe vera is a kind of plants that have been known since antiquity as the main ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry (medicine) and beauty. Along with the development of technology and research on aloe vera functionof aloe vera for the skin is very much as follows.

  1. Moisturize the skin

Aloe vera function for the skin as a moisturizer is very easy to get. You just have to cut the aloe vera then take the meat and start applyinggel to the entire surface of the face and dry skin. After that let stand a few moments until seeping new rinse with cold water. Aloe vera to moisturize the skin is highly recommended for people who have skin typedry.

  1. Treating skin burns from the sun

When the long-hungry hot in the sun of the skin will burn and sore, to overcome if you just need to apply aloe vera mucus.Aloe vera mucus is able to cool the burning skin. It also restores the elasticity and moisture of the skin so it easily regenerates the burning skin cells. Aloe vera function for burning skin has a lotmade in the form of topical creams so you do not have to bother looking for aloe vera plant.

  1. Prevent aging of skin and wrinkles

In Aloe vera mucus contains many good antioxidants to rejuvenate the skin. Antioxidants that enter the skin can regenerate cells to wrinkleswill be more difficult to appear. To get the function of aloe vera for younger skin can also be drunk. Aloe vera juice will help cell rejuvenation not only the face but the whole skin.

  1. Become a moisturizer for men when shaving

Apparently, there is also a function of aloe vera for male skin, aloe vera can be used as a substitute for moisturizer when the man is shaving. When men shavethe skin around the chin will be flushed even sometimes wounds due to razor scratches, aloe vera is able to overcome this. antiseptic content of aloe vera will treat skin wounds due to razor blades. Aloe vera function formen’s skin can also smooth the skin after shaving so the skin around the chin is not thickened.

  1. As anti-inflammatory and irritant drugs

Aloe vera function for the wounded skin must have many people know. Aloe vera does contain antiseptic and anti-bacterial that can curewounds. Anti-bacteria are able to prevent wounds from infection, while anti-septic will accelerate wound healing. When you are injured, quickly apply aloe vera mucus to the wound. Within days the woundguaranteed to quickly disappear. Including its scars too.

  1. Treating acne and removing scars

Acne can lower self-esteem for a person. Especially if the inflamed acne to fester will definitely make you uncomfortable. To fix thisyou can use aloe vera as a cheap traditional medicine. aloe vera function for acne prone skin not only heal but also remove the scars. you just need to apply aloe vera on acneat night. Let stand until morning freshly rinse with water. Within 3-4 days the inflamed acne will deflate. Then to remove the scars you also must be diligent-diligent applying aloe vera to the formerthe acne. Acne scars are more difficult to overcome, you should be more patient and painstaking.

Aloe vera function for the skin with acne scars deep (pockmarked) work in a period of approximately 6 months.As for the blackened acne scars more or less takes 3 months to eliminate them.

  1. Whiten and brighten the skin

Aloe vera function for the skin as bleach face is the most popular. In Korea, for example, many who use aloe vera care as bleachnatural. They make aloe vera extract into toner (facial cleansing water) and use it by putting on the skin. Aloe vera function for whites can actually be obtained easily, wronglythe other by making it as a mask.

The Function Of Aloe Vera For Everyday Life