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List of Cryptocurrency Offering Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Universal Basic Income (UBI)

In this blog post, we will give a list of cryptocurrency offering universal basic income, also we will delve into how cryptocurrencies can be used to distribute UBI, examine the potential impact on society and the economy, and provide a comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies offering UBI.

As the world grapples with economic inequality and widespread financial instability, innovative solutions like cryptocurrency and Universal Basic Income (UBI) have emerged as potential game-changers. Cryptocurrencies, decentralized digital assets secured by cryptographic methods, have revolutionized the financial sector, allowing for secure, transparent, and immutable transactions.

On the other hand, UBI is a socio-economic policy that provides all citizens with a regular, unconditional sum of money, regardless of their employment status or other income sources. The premise behind UBI is to ensure a basic standard of living for everyone, reducing poverty and inequality.

When these two concepts converge, they present a unique opportunity to create a new economic paradigm.

Explanation of How UBI Works and Its Benefits

Universal Basic Income is designed to provide every individual with a regular, unconditional sum of money. It is not tied to any means test or work requirement. The idea is rooted in the belief that everyone should have access to basic financial security, allowing them to meet essential needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare.

Key Benefits of UBI:

  1. Reduces Poverty: By providing a financial safety net, UBI can lift people out of poverty and reduce economic inequality.
  2. Encourages Entrepreneurship: With basic financial security guaranteed, individuals may be more willing to take entrepreneurial risks, potentially driving innovation and economic growth.
  3. Improves Mental Health: Financial security can reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better mental health and overall well-being.
  4. Simplifies Welfare Systems: UBI can streamline complex welfare programs, making it easier to administer social benefits.

Explanation of Cryptocurrency and Its Role in UBI

Cryptocurrencies offer a decentralized and transparent way to manage and distribute UBI. Blockchain technology, which underpins most cryptocurrencies, ensures that transactions are secure, immutable, and transparent. This creates an ideal platform for distributing UBI, as it minimizes the risk of fraud and ensures that funds reach the intended recipients.

How Cryptocurrency is Used to Distribute UBI:

  • Smart Contracts: Automated contracts that execute when predefined conditions are met can be used to distribute UBI payments efficiently and transparently.
  • Decentralized Platforms: These platforms can manage UBI distribution without intermediaries, ensuring that funds are distributed fairly and without administrative overhead.
  • Cryptographic Security: Ensures that UBI payments are secure, tamper-proof, and can be audited in real time.

The Potential Impact of UBI on Society and the Economy

The implementation of UBI through cryptocurrencies could have profound effects on society and the economy. Here are some potential impacts:

  1. Economic Stability: Providing a regular income to all citizens can stimulate economic activity and enhance financial stability.
  2. Reduced Inequality: UBI can help bridge the economic gap, providing equal financial opportunities for all.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: With financial stress alleviated, individuals may become more productive and engaged in their communities.
  4. Innovation and Growth: Financial security can foster a culture of innovation, leading to new business ventures and economic growth.

List of Cryptocurrencies Offering UBI

1. GoodDollar (G$)

GoodDollar aims to create a more inclusive economy by distributing UBI through its blockchain-based platform. Users receive daily G$ tokens that can be used within the GoodDollar ecosystem or converted to other cryptocurrencies.

GoodDollar operates on the principle of generating wealth via global community contributions and distributing it through its UBI model. It leverages blockchain technology to create a stable and transparent system for income distribution. GoodDollar uses smart contracts to distribute G$ tokens daily to its participants. These tokens can be utilized within the GoodDollar ecosystem to buy goods and services or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. The project encourages users to support global economic equality by staking their assets, thus fostering a sustainable and scalable approach to UBI. The platform is built to ensure accessibility and inclusivity, allowing anyone with internet access to participate in the GoodDollar economy. GoodDollar aims to alleviate poverty and empower individuals worldwide through its innovative approach.

2. Circles (CRC)

Circles uses a trust-based system to distribute UBI. Each user issues their currency, accepted within their network of trusted connections. This decentralized approach aims to build a community-driven economy.

Circles (CRC) is a unique project that leverages social trust networks to distribute Universal Basic Income. The system operates on the principle that each participant issues their currency, which is then validated and accepted by their network of trusted connections. This grassroots approach seeks to create a more equitable and community-driven economic model.

How Circles Works:

  • Creation of Personal Tokens: When users join Circles, they generate their currency tokens or CRC. These tokens are issued regularly and are intended to serve as a form of UBI.
  • Trust Networks: Users establish trust connections by accepting others’ tokens. The more trusted connections a user has, the more widely their currency can be used within the network.
  • Reciprocal Trust: For one user’s CRC tokens to be accepted by another, there must be mutual trust. This decentralized verification mechanism ensures that the network remains robust and secure.
  • Local Economic Systems: Since Circles operates on trust networks, it fosters the development of local economies where goods and services can be exchanged without centralized control.
  • Scaling Through Networks: As trust connections expand, users can transact with a larger group, enhancing the utility and acceptance of their CRC tokens. This organic growth model encourages community engagement and cooperation.

Circles aims to democratize economic interactions by enabling individuals to create and control their UBI. By decentralizing the issuance and acceptance of currency, Circles reduces reliance on traditional financial systems and promotes local resilience. This innovative approach empowers communities to build a more inclusive economy where wealth is generated and circulated based on social trust.

3. Manna (MANNA)

Manna is a cryptocurrency designed explicitly for UBI. It distributes a fixed amount of Manna tokens to registered users every week. The project aims to create a fairer distribution of wealth through its UBI model.

Manna is a pioneering cryptocurrency explicitly designed to serve as a vehicle for Universal Basic Income. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies focusing on speculative trading or specific functionalities, Manna’s core mission is social impact through fair wealth distribution. The non-profit organization People’s Currency Foundation manages the project, which aims to reduce poverty and inequality by leveraging blockchain technology.

How Manna Works:

  • Weekly Distributions: Registered users receive a fixed amount of Manna tokens weekly, ensuring a steady and predictable income stream. The amount distributed is designed to scale as the user base grows, aiming to reach as many people as possible.
  • Decentralized Platform: Manna utilizes blockchain technology to handle distributions transparently and securely, ensuring that all transactions are recorded on an immutable ledger. This reduces the risks of fraud and mismanagement.
  • Proof of Participation: To receive Manna, users must register and verify their identities. This process helps prevent multiple accounts and ensures the UBI reaches real individuals.
  • Global Accessibility: One of Manna’s primary goals is to be as inclusive as possible. The platform is accessible globally, allowing anyone with an internet connection to participate, regardless of geographical location.
  • Community Governance: Manna operates under decentralized governance, allowing the community to participate in decision-making. This democratic approach ensures that the protocol evolves according to its users’ needs and desires.

Social and Economic Impact:

Manna aims to create a fairer economic system by providing a basic income to its users, which can be used to meet daily needs, further stimulating local economies. Staying income alleviates financial stress, allowing individuals to focus on education, skills development, and entrepreneurial endeavors. By reducing economic disparity, Manna seeks to foster a more inclusive society where everyone has the financial means to improve their quality of life.

In conclusion, Manna represents a significant step forward in using cryptocurrency to achieve social good. Its transparent, secure, and scalable platform offers a promising solution to some of the world’s most pressing economic challenges.

4. Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Token

BIEN Token is part of a broader initiative to promote UBI. It uses blockchain technology to distribute tokens to users, aiming to provide financial security and promote economic equality.

The Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Token is an ambitious project centered around distributing Universal Basic Income through blockchain technology. As a pioneering initiative under the umbrella of the BIEN organization, the token aims to provide financial security and promote economic equality on a global scale.

How BIEN Token Works:

  • Blockchain-Based Distribution: BIEN Token leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain to distribute tokens to registered users. This secure and transparent method ensures that all transactions are verifiable and immutable, reducing the potential for fraud and mismanagement.
  • Regular Income Disbursements: Like other UBI-focused cryptocurrencies, BIEN Token distributes a fixed amount of tokens to users regularly. This provides a predictable and steady income stream, helping to alleviate financial uncertainty for participants.
  • Registration and Verification: To prevent misuse, users must register and verify their identities. This ensures that the distributed income reaches real individuals and prevents the creation of multiple accounts.
  • Global Reach: The BIEN Token initiative is designed to be inclusive and accessible to individuals worldwide. Utilizing blockchain technology allows the platform to reach users regardless of geographic location, provided they have internet access.
  • Community-Driven Governance: The BIEN Token operates on principles of decentralized governance. This democratic approach allows the community to have a say in the decision-making processes, ensuring that the platform evolves to meet its users’ needs and preferences.

Social and Economic Impact:

The BIEN Token aims to create a more equitable and inclusive economic system. By providing a basic income, the token helps individuals meet their daily needs, reduces financial stress, and enables them to invest in education, skill development, or entrepreneurial ventures. This, in turn, can stimulate local economies and reduce economic disparities. The global reach and transparent, secure distribution of BIEN Token make it a promising solution to some of the world’s most pressing financial challenges.

In summary, the BIEN Token is not just a digital currency but a tool for social change. Combining Universal Basic Income principles with cutting-edge blockchain technology, it strives to build a fairer, more inclusive economic future for all.

5. SwiftDemand (SWIFT)

SwiftDemand offers a digital currency that users can claim daily. The platform envisions a global basic income program where users can earn and spend SWIFT tokens within a growing ecosystem.

How SwiftDemand Works:

  • Daily Claims: SwiftDemand allows users to claim a set amount of SWIFT tokens daily. This process is straightforward and ensures that users have a consistent income stream which they can rely on.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The SwiftDemand interface is designed to be intuitive and accessible, making it easy for users of all backgrounds to participate. Registration is simple, and daily claims can be managed with minimal effort.
  • Verification Process: Like other UBI-focused cryptocurrencies, SwiftDemand employs an identity verification process to prevent fraud and create multiple accounts. This ensures the integrity of the distribution process and that the tokens reach genuine users.
  • Ecosystem Development: SwiftDemand aims to create a robust ecosystem where SWIFT tokens can be earned and spent. By fostering partnerships with various vendors and businesses, the platform seeks to enhance the utility of its tokens, thereby boosting their value and relevance.
  • Decentralized Governance: The platform operates on principles of decentralized governance, empowering the community to be involved in decision-making processes. This model ensures that SwiftDemand’s development and evolution are guided by the needs and desires of its user base.

Social and Economic Impact:

SwiftDemand envisions a world where global basic income can be achieved through digital currency. Providing a daily income helps alleviate financial stress, allowing individuals to focus on personal development, education, and other productive activities. The consistent flow of income can stimulate local economies and potentially reduce economic inequalities. SwiftDemand’s expansive ecosystem also enhances the practical use of SWIFT tokens, making them an integral part of daily transactions and fostering a sense of financial stability among users. In essence, SwiftDemand aims to leverage the power of digital currency to create a fairer and more inclusive economic landscape.

6. DaoStack (GEN)

DaoStack integrates UBI into its decentralized governance framework. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) members receive regular GEN tokens, which can be used for various purposes within the ecosystem.

How DaoStack Works:

DaoStack is a cutting-edge platform that combines the principles of Universal Basic Income with a decentralized governance structure facilitated through the distribution of GEN tokens. At its core, DaoStack leverages the advantages of blockchain technology to create a transparent and democratic ecosystem where decision-making and resource allocation are driven by community consensus.

  • Decentralized Governance Framework: DaoStack operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where governance is not centralized in the hands of a few but distributed among all members. This model ensures that every participant has a voice in the decision-making processes that shape the ecosystem.
  • Regular Token Disbursements: Members of the DAO receive regular distributions of GEN tokens, ensuring a steady and predictable income stream. This basic income can be used for various activities within the DaoStack ecosystem, promoting economic stability and independence for users.
  • Collaborative Planning and Execution: DaoStack provides proposal creation, discussion, and voting tools. This collaborative approach allows community members to propose and execute projects, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively and aligned with collective goals.
  • Incentive Structures: The platform includes sophisticated incentive structures to reward participation and contribution. Active members who engage in governance activities, propose valuable initiatives, or contribute to the development of the ecosystem are recognized and compensated through GEN tokens.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: One of DaoStack’s key innovations is its ability to scale and adapt to the needs of its community. The platform supports the creation of sub-DAOs, smaller units within the larger organization, that can focus on specific projects or goals, allowing for focused and efficient resource management.

Social and Economic Impact:

DaoStack aims to revolutionize how communities organize and operate by introducing a democratic, bottom-up approach to governance and economic distribution. Providing a regular basic income through GEN tokens addresses financial instability and enables members to participate fully in the economy. The decentralized nature of DaoStack ensures that all voices are heard, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among users. As a result, DaoStack promotes economic equality and enhances social cohesion, collaboration, and innovation. DaoStack is poised to create a more equitable and sustainable financial future by effectively integrating UBI principles and decentralized governance.

7. Grantcoin (GRT)

Grantcoin aims to create a more equitable financial system by distributing UBI through GRT tokens. Through its innovative UBI model, the project promotes economic justice and reduces inequality.

How Grantcoin Works:

Grantcoin is a pioneering project that seeks to harness the potential of digital currency to promote economic justice and reduce inequality. Through its innovative Universal Basic Income (UBI) model, Grantcoin distributes GRT tokens to its community members regularly. This model provides financial support and fosters a more inclusive economy.

  • Blockchain Technology: Grantcoin leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and decentralization. Every transaction and distribution of GRT tokens is recorded on the blockchain, making the process transparent and resistant to fraud.
  • Regular Token Distribution: Members of the Grantcoin community receive GRT tokens at regular intervals. This consistent distribution is a form of basic income, providing financial stability and supporting individuals’ day-to-day needs.
  • Community Focus: Grantcoin strongly emphasizes community building and engagement. By distributing UBI through GRT tokens, the project encourages active participation and collaboration among community members.
  • Economic Justice: At its core, Grantcoin aims to address economic disparities by providing a financial lifeline to those who need it the most. Focusing on economic justice helps reduce inequality and provides individuals with the resources to improve their quality of life.
  • Sustainable Growth: Grantcoin actively seeks partnerships with businesses and organizations to ensure its ecosystem’s sustainable growth. These collaborations enhance the usability of GRT tokens and integrate them into various economic activities.

Social and Economic Impact:

Grantcoin’s approach to Universal Basic Income can transform economies by promoting fairness and reducing inequality. The regular distribution of GRT tokens contributes to financial stability, allowing recipients to focus on personal development, education, and entrepreneurship. Grantcoin strengthens social bonds and contributes to a more cohesive society by fostering a sense of community and encouraging collaboration. Moreover, as businesses and organizations adopt GRT tokens, their practical utility increases, integrating them into everyday transactions and further promoting economic inclusivity. Overall, Grantcoin is committed to creating a fairer financial system that prioritizes economic justice and empowers users.

Comparison of the Listed Cryptocurrencies in Terms of UBI

Distribution Mechanisms

  • GoodDollar: Daily distribution of G$ tokens.
  • Circles: Trust-based distribution within user networks.
  • Manna: Weekly distribution of MANNA tokens.
  • BIEN Token: Regular distribution through blockchain.
  • SwiftDemand: Daily distribution of SWIFT tokens.
  • DaoStack: Regular distribution of GEN tokens within the DAO.
  • Grantcoin: Regular distribution of GRT tokens.

Technology and Platform

  • GoodDollar: Blockchain-based platform with smart contracts.
  • Circles: Decentralized trust-based system.
  • Manna: Blockchain platform focused on economic equality.
  • BIEN Token: Blockchain integration for UBI.
  • SwiftDemand: Digital currency platform with daily claims.
  • DaoStack: Decentralized governance with UBI integration.
  • Grantcoin: Blockchain platform promoting economic justice.

Community and Ecosystem

  • GoodDollar: Active community with a growing ecosystem.
  • Circles: Community-driven trust networks.
  • Manna: Focus on creating a fairer distribution of wealth.
  • BIEN Token: Part of a broader UBI advocacy network.
  • SwiftDemand: Vision of a global basic income program.
  • DaoStack: Decentralized governance community.
  • Grantcoin: Focus on economic justice and equality.

Case Studies of Successful UBI Implementations Using Cryptocurrency


GoodDollar has successfully implemented its UBI model by distributing G$ tokens to users worldwide. The platform has built a robust community and ecosystem where users can spend their tokens on various goods and services. The project continues to grow, attracting more users and expanding its reach.


Circles has created a unique trust-based UBI system where users issue and accept their currency. This approach has fostered strong community bonds and promoted local economic activity. Several pilot projects have demonstrated the viability of this model, showcasing its potential to build resilient economies.


Manna has been distributing its tokens to users for several years, providing a steady income stream to thousands of individuals. The project has proven that blockchain-based UBI can be a sustainable model for reducing poverty and promoting economic equality.

Challenges and Future of Cryptocurrency UBI


  1. Regulatory Hurdles: Cryptocurrencies face regulatory scrutiny in many jurisdictions, which could impact the implementation of UBI programs.
  2. Volatility: The value of cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, posing a risk to the stability of UBI payments.
  3. Adoption: Widespread adoption of cryptocurrency-based UBI requires significant education and awareness efforts.
  4. Technological Barriers: Ensuring that blockchain platforms are secure, scalable, and user-friendly is crucial for the success of UBI programs.


  1. Financial Inclusion: Cryptocurrency UBI has the potential to provide financial services to unbanked populations, promoting greater financial inclusion.
  2. Economic Resilience: UBI can create more resilient economies by providing a financial safety net, reducing the impact of economic shocks.
  3. Innovation: The intersection of cryptocurrency and UBI can drive innovation in financial technology, leading to new solutions for economic challenges.
  4. Global Reach: Cryptocurrencies can facilitate cross-border UBI programs, reaching individuals in remote and underserved areas.

Conclusion and Call to Action for Crypto Enthusiasts

The convergence of cryptocurrency and Universal Basic Income presents a unique opportunity to create a more equitable and inclusive economic system. By leveraging blockchain technology, we can distribute financial resources transparently and securely, ensuring everyone can access basic financial security.

As we move towards a future where technology and finance intersect in unprecedented ways, it is crucial for crypto enthusiasts and investors to stay informed and engaged. We can contribute to a more just and prosperous world by supporting and participating in cryptocurrency-based UBI projects.

Are you ready to join this transformative movement? Join the conversation, invest in UBI-focused cryptocurrencies, and advocate for a future where financial security is a universal right. Together, we can harness the power of blockchain to build a better, more inclusive world.




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